Bill Is Like A Dear In Headlights

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Bill Is Like A Dear In Headlights


It would seem that there are some in the Hillary Clinton Campagn that would actually like for the media and the rest to shut up about Donald Trump’s embarrassing and explicit sex talk tape.  

After all these people fully understand that Trump is more than capable and more than willing to bring up the deviant sexual history of the former president.  That would have a negative impact on Hillary.  How big of an impact?  No one knows for sure but with the race getting tighter in some states once thought to belong to Hillary and Donald pulling ahead in a couple of others, this is something they just don’t want to chance.

Except for a few insiders who think that because Bill is so popular, it will only be a short blip for Hillary.  I guess they forget that Americans tend to have short memories.  Especially young Americans.  They tend to remember the latest things they hear and see.  And if Trump begins to hit Hillary on her hypocrisy because of Bill’s sorted pass, that will have an effect in a negative way for her.

But, by the looks on Bill and Hillary’s faces at the debate, something tells me they were counting on Trump not pulling out that trump card.  Guess they were wrong.

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