Rod Eccles is a top rated author. His book The Conservative ECCLESiastes is a top Amazon book on their quick read list. Rod is also an in demand public and keynote speaker. He has spoken all over the United States and continues to travel delivering his message of inspiration, motivation, hope, logic and truth. He takes politics to a level never before seen. That is because Rod is not a politician. Instead, he has been called a true American Statesman.

He is currently working on and putting the finishing touches on two more books. They are expected to be released in the Spring and Summer of 2017

A booklet of wisdom based on historical logic on how to govern and be governed as it was intended within the United States of America.

This is a top rated book on Amazon within the quick read category.  Rod delivers this wisdom in the form of quick quotes and quips reminiscent of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

As you read, you will quickly understand the truth and wisdom in which Rod imparts to you.

This is a great gift for all of your friends, co-workers and for every member of your family.  Especially if they are Liberal in their political beliefs.

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Rod’s Wisdom Of Logic

Empathy is not doing for others. Empathy is understanding others and then teaching them to over come and do for themselves. Anything less is pure slavery.

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