DC On The Side Of Big Education Not The Side Of Parents And Children

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DC On The Side Of Big Education Not The Side Of Parents And Children

Washington, D.C. is looking at doing something that most people will think is a very good thing.  At least on the surface.

On the surface it does look like a good idea.  After all, who would be against making sure those who take care of our children on a daily basis, be highly educated and qualified?

The problem is, that once you get below the surface, you start to see the real reason behind this “Child Grab”.  It is not about making sure your child is being cared for by educated and qualified people.

Its all about growing the union known as the NEA.  Calling for the requirment that every single child care provider have a college degree means that all of these people will, in effect, become teachers and then will be required to join the teacher’s union.

It also means that the government is moving forward with plans to make sure your kids are in some sort of government provided public school for all of their childhood for as many hours per day as possible.

Don’t doubt me.  How else do you explain how these low wage jobs all of a sudden need to be licensed and highly educated?

By the way, this is also a play for furthering the notion of the need for ‘free college’ because so many more folks would not be able to afford getting a degree unless it was free and controlled by the federal government.

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