Fake News To Be Banned In Californication Attempt

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Fake News To Be Banned In Californication Attempt

The left is fully off the rails now.  California introduces a new bill that would try to ban and criminalize Fake News.  Yes, this is a direct affront to Free Speech and the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

This proposed law would make it illegal to write and publish or broadcast news that you know is fake.  Not only would those who create the news be in legal trouble, but anyone who SHARED such news would also face the law in court.

Nobody is really on the side of Fake News but there is no authority to be established that would determine what is fake under this law.  If someone in government didn’t like your story or if you got one small detail wrong or left it out, then your story could be deemed as fake and subject you to fines and possibly jail.

That would mean the government, the state, would decide what is real news and what is fake news.


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