The Georgia Special Election Loss Being Spun As A Win By Dems

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The Georgia Special Election Loss Being Spun As A Win By Dems

If you heard the Lamestream Media before the Special Election in Georgia, you would of heard them tell you that Jon Ossoff had a great chance to win 50% or more of the vote thus negating the need for a special run-off election in June.  It was most certainly a done deal. The Democrats pumped in around $10 million dollars from far and wide in order to get out the vote for Ossoff.  The Republicans spent about $2 million dollars according to reports.

Yet Ossoff could not get the 50% needed to gain an outright victory.  Yet after the election, the same Lamestream Media is saying its still a win because he beat the next closest Republican.  But of course the media fails to tell you that there were 11 Republicans vs. basically one Democrat; Ossoff.

But when you add up all the republican votes, Ossoff loses.  Sure its a close race but the facts are that if it were a one on one race, it is most likely Ossoff would lose.

And I didn’t even get into the fact that Ossoff doesn’t even live in the district he is running for.  Huh?

But we will let the Dems live in their dream world because come June, it looks like they will get a rude wake up call.


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