GOP To Illegals ‘Pay For Border Wall’

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GOP To Illegals ‘Pay For Border Wall’

The GOP has a great idea.  Its an idea that will force Mexico to pay for the border wall.  At least to get the people of Mexico to pay for the wall, just as President Trump promised during his campaign.

It is a way for Illegal Immigrants to pay for the wall and the various laws they break when they cross the border without permission.  These taxes, although small, would add up to a significant amount

This amount, when added up, would be significant.  Huge actually.  Over $2 Billion dollars US huge.  $2 Billion annually would more than pay for the wall over time.  And it would provide for the cost of maintenance as well.  And so much more.

The cost of illegals is far more than just crossing the border and putting a strain on local governments and their budgets.  Its a strain on every day Americans and I tell you why.


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