Guess What Wont Be Done In Time For The Election

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Guess What Wont Be Done In Time For The Election

Well, of course this investigation wont be concluded in time for this election.  Lets face it, it has taken more than 4 years to get to this point.

Hillary Clinton and everyone close to and around here have dodged and obfuscated the powers of law for at least that long to keep the investigation from getting to the truth.

So now the FBI finds a bunch of new emails, after they were told they already had all the emails available.  There were no more emails.  So now, behold, there is a treasure trove of new emails previously not disclosed.  That means a few people lied to the FBI.

That is important.  Someone or multiple someone’s lied to the FBI.  And they lied in order to keep this batch of emails secret and under wraps and out of the hands of law enforcement.

But the volume of emails that have been uncovered means that there is little chance they can all be read and cataloged before Americans go to the polls next Tuesday.

“We are very aware of the pressure on us,” one law enforcement official told CNN. “This is not a resource problem.”

Now, if the Clinton team had just turned over all of this previously to this time frame, they would not have to deal with them a week before the election and then people like James Carville could not be saying that the FBI is only doing this to somehow influence the outcome of the election.

Hillary already attempted to influence the election by not disclosing all of her emails.  That is on her.  Not the FBI.

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