Left Proves Yet Again They Are Not Open Minded And Accepting

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Left Proves Yet Again They Are Not Open Minded And Accepting

This poor guy.  He is of no obvious relation to the man running for president.  This happens a lot.  Some people have the same last name or same full name as someone who is famous for good or for bad.

In this case, this young man and his wife have been the subject of the brutality of the left.  Its all because of his license plates on his car.  The same plates he has had on his cars for almost a full decade.  So that would mean he has had them long before Donald J Trump decided to run for President of the United States.

Now he and his wife are getting boos, threats, epiteths and so on and so fourth simply because their last name is Trump.

The left proves daily just how intolerant they are.  Have the same name as someone they hate, then be prepared to defend yourself.  Happen to be a member of a leftist adopted group of people like Black or gay and you don’t think like the liberals think?  Well, be prepared to defend yourself.

Seems to me that every time the left open their collective mouths about racism, bigotry, sodomy and just about anything and everything evil or bad, its all because they are trying to cover up their very active participation in such subjects.

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