OTRES: The New but Old Alt-Left And Who And What They Are

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OTRES: The New but Old Alt-Left And Who And What They Are

There is a lot of talk out there about the Alt-Right.  The problem is that we on the Right have allowed the left to define what the Right is.  The truth is, by them trying to nullify the truth about the conservative movement, they have opened up the vast majority to what the Left really means, is and wants.

I give you a primer as to who and what the left is and since they have moved even farther to the left, they have truly become the Alt-Left.  This is because they have forced those in their own party and movement who are not as whacked out far left as they are, should be construed as being to the Right of them and part of the Alt-Right.

Lets face it, Traditional Democrat groups like the KKK are in no way a part of the Conservative movement.  But because they are to the Right of the new leftist Snowflakes, they are part of the Alt-Right.  Which means that we have a new Democrat Party, one that is made up of nothing but the extreme far left which is the Alt-Left.


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