OTRES: Democrats Tell Pro-Life Candidates And Voters You Cant Join Our Party

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OTRES: Democrats Tell Pro-Life Candidates And Voters You Cant Join Our Party

The Democratic Party is not in very good shape these days.  In fact, they keep losing election after election yet they would have you believe that they are the main stream party for the average American.

Democrats are not in the best of shape these days. After dude-bro wonderkid Jon Ossoff failed to win the Georgia 6th district seat outright, The Celebrity Resistance has retreated back to their Beverly Hills fortresses to plan their next hashtag. The Tom Perez, Old Man Sanders, “This is fine” Woody Guthrie Greatest Hits unity tour across the country has proven to be anything but.

But even as polls seem to show that the American voter is getting tired of the failure of the GOP to lead in Congress, they are not yet giving the handles of power to Democrats.

This has Democrats seething with anger and causing them to move even farther to the left.  I guess they think that if they move even farther to the left, it will revive their sagging poll and electoral numbers.

Newly elected DNC Chairman and skeleton muppet Tom Perez declared late last week that the DNC will only officially support candidates running on a platform of abortion rights. That leaves people like Omaha, Nebraska, mayoral candidate Heath Mello out in the cold.

What this means is that there is not any representation of Moderate or Conservative Democrats.  The Democratic party has been fully and totally co-opted by Socialists and Communists.  Yes, the true Fascists.


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