OTRES: A Sanctuary Is Not What Its Cracked Up To Be

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OTRES: A Sanctuary Is Not What Its Cracked Up To Be

The Trump Administration is trying to get tough with cities and municipalities that identify as Sanctuary Cities by holding them accountable to the law.  But the mayors and Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs seem to think that they can buck the laws of immigration and frankly, the power and law of the Constitution.

Understand that this is all about being able to do what they want to do and it does not matter what the Constitutions of their state or the nation says.  They will twist those governing documents into knots if it means that they get their way.

Their way is not the majority opinion in America by the citizens of this nation.  Poll after poll tells us this.  But these people seem to think that the best way to roll down the road to self destruction is to allow our cities and towns to be invaded by unaccountable and unidentified illegal immigrants be they friend or foe.

And they will fight President Trump by lying about the reality of illegal immigration and travel restrictions.

The very fact that District Federal Judges believe they have the right and ability to get involved, let alone block, a legal and constitutional Presidential order to keep our nation safe should send shock-waves down the spine of every American.

There is no way that a Federal Judge has the ability to determine what the President does with National Security when it comes to non citizens that are not in this country.  Nobody has a right to be able to come to our country unless you believe in Globalism and that there should not be any borders at all.

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