OTRES: Susan Rice Is Getting Thrown Under The Bus

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OTRES: Susan Rice Is Getting Thrown Under The Bus

There is more and more evidence coming out on a near daily basis about the collusion and corruption surrounding the spying on President Donald Trump and his Administration before and after the election back in November 2016.

Susan Rice is now at the center of this brewing and growing storm.  Even as she denies knowing anything about the spying and wire tapping and collusion while Barack Obama was still president, evidence shows otherwise.

Rice may have even asked for and could even have directed that Trump be spied upon and she may have asked to unmask various members of the Trump transition and administration team before and after the election.

She may have even directed the leaking of this information to the press and general public, which is illegal.

But if you think that she acted on her own, you would be very wrong.  Susan Rice is a minion.  She is a worker bee.  She is nothing more than the equivalent of a Captain in a Mafia style criminal enterprise.  Rice knows who the Godfather is but she is protecting that person with her very life.

The important thing to take away from this is that Donald Trump was very right when he stated that he and his team were wire tapped and had been for almost a year before the election.

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