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Bill Is Like A Dear In Headlights

It would seem that there are some in the Hillary Clinton Campagn that would actually like for the media and the rest to shut up about Donald Trump’s embarrassing and explicit sex talk tape.  

Sitting On The American Balcony

Sitting on the American Balcony By Rod Eccles   I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the very blue Caribbean waters on a very large ship.  I am on a 7 day voyage also known as a cruise.  Now I am not trying to brag, just set the tone. On…

Pope Mocks America

Now you can’t fully blame the Pope.  He was raised and even studied on how to hate America.  In spite of his religious teachings, the Pope would rather go the way that God said was not the way to go.  After all, would the Pope mock and ridicule Moses or…