Ryan Tours Texas Border While State Republicans Set To Block Physical Border Wall

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Ryan Tours Texas Border While State Republicans Set To Block Physical Border Wall

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and a few other House members, took horseback rides along the national border with Mexico during the hiatus of the House and Senate.

They say they were there to get a view of the border so they can better formulate plans on how to spend taxpayer money on building the border wall that President Trump wants in order to protect our national sovereignty.

The truth is, I believe, that Ryan is not down there to see how to build the wall. A lot of money was already allocated back in 2006 (which Obama voted for when he was a Senator from IL). Ryan is down there to see how he can get away with obstructing Trump in building the wall.

In other words, Ryan is looking at ways to limit the amount of the wall that is actually built. Don’t doubt me.

You have a number of Texas Republicans who worry about a real physical wall being built because a lot of the land that would have the wall is owned by private individuals and businesses.

We have something called Eminent Domain which would allow the government both State and Federal to get its hands on the land needed to build the physical portions of the wall. The government would not need to own a lot of actual property to build and maintain said wall.

But those land owners would find that their property would be a lot more safe if there was not easy access to their property from Mexico.

What is Mr. Ryan and some Texas Republicans afraid of? That the wall will really work? That must be the case because there is no other logical reason.

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