Social Media Changes Targeting Conservatives and Moderates

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Social Media Changes Targeting Conservatives and Moderates

Social Media is where the bulk of Americans get their news and information.  Indeed, the bulk of the connected world gets its news and information from Social Media. Much of this Social Media leans to the right of the American political isle and there is no dispute about that.

This factoid is not devoid of the attention of the Liberal big wigs of these Social Media giants.  Of course, there are some Liberals that are being caught up in this shift but they are nothing more than collateral damage and as such are expendable if the left can stop or slow down those on the right.

The whole attack, or shift in algorithms and policies are meant to keep conservatives from reaching their audience at best.  And to hit these conservatives in their wallets at the least.

The shift is already happening and some are feeling the hit of this shift.  But as with many efforts by the left to limit the right, they are starting to figure out ways around these major Social Media platforms and thus actually increase their reach to an even broader audience.

This clip tells you the ins and outs of this shift and if you are affected as a broadcaster or a listener, how you can get around the current major outlets.


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