Infotainment Speaker Motivates audiences

Keynote Infotainment At Its Best

Infotainment Speaker Motivates audiences

When you have an event and you are looking for something bold, motivational and different

Bringing The Rain

For over two decades, Rod has been motivating and teaching people many things about business, politics and personal growth with one net result: show people how to accomplish more. How do people reach their goals.  How do people affect and effect their local business and political climate.  How do people realize real change in their personal, political and professional lives. Rod is real and he is always Bringing The Rain of Truth.  Only by noticing and realizing the truth can you then make effective and successful change.  That is what Rod brings to them in the most entertaining and informative way.

Rod delivering a lecture on improving local politics for the better

Rod Eccles is an entrepreneur and has started a number of successful businesses.  Along the way, he was also an outstanding employee.  Yes, he has held a number of jobs from manufacturing to sales to management.  He has also been trained and certified in a number of sales, motivational, life coaching and business techniques.

He combines all of his success and experience into a mind blowing keynote event.  And he has done this for an ever growing number of small to large companies and organizations all over the United States.




Infotainment combines information, motivation and entertainment. Rod Eccles combines his showmanship with a presentation that audiences have never seen before. This will get people talking.  People will leave the event on a super high note, motivated and filled with hope and an eye on accomplishment.


This isn’t your every day ‘raise your hands’ type of engagement…this is a full blown experience for your audience. People are involved, captivated and participate in a way that leave them in awe.

Speaking in North Carolina
Rod speaking in PA Perry County

Rod Eccles combines music, dance and singing with speaking to create a full-blown, jump out of your seat experience at your event. If you’re looking for something different this year, then take a look at what Rod can do for you.

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Rod’s Wisdom Of Logic

Empathy is not doing for others. Empathy is understanding others and then teaching them to over come and do for themselves. Anything less is pure slavery.

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