US Falls Short Of Biofuels Targets While Reducing Fuel Economy of Cars

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US Falls Short Of Biofuels Targets While Reducing Fuel Economy of Cars

Back in 2007, Congress set some rules and goals for alternative fuels being used in the USA.  Those goals have not been met and the powerful Biofuel lobby is pressing for even more government intervention to force Americans to buy and use more fuel made from our main food sources.

The other major problem is that these biofuels, such as ethanol made from corn and soy, is not proving to be cleaner and these additives also lower the MPG of cars and trucks that use such blended fuels.

The current ratio is usually 10% ethanol to gas, also known as E10.  Because the ambitious goals set by Congress in 2007 have not been met, the industry is pushing for Congress to mandate E15 which is 15% ethanol.

The problem with this is the fact that ethanol does not contain the same amount of energy as gasoline and therefore you and I will need to burn more of it in our cars and trucks to get the same energy vs 100% gasoline.  This means that you and I will make more trips to the gas station to fill our fuel tanks.

This also translates into higher prices and you and I paying even more out of pocket to power our cars and trucks.  This sort of idiocy nullifies the advances made in internal combustion engine efficiency.  It will also make it harder for auto manufacturers to mean mandatory MPG goals and mandates set by the Obama Administration.

Not to mention only stupid nations use their main food sources as fuel for energy.  Corn and Soy are huge food sources and are in a multitude of products we consume not just for ourselves but also our pets and live stock.  This puts pressure on the corn and soy industry and cost go up due to supply and demand issues.

The more we use as fuel, the less is available for food.  This will cause energy and food cost to rise and when fuel and energy prices rise, so do costs for everything else.  This puts a double whammy on food costs.  Its a stupid policy that needs to go away.

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