250 Thousand Births From These Women

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250 Thousand Births From These Women

Back in 2014, which was a “slow” year, we had a high level of illegals crossing the border in Texas, Arizon, California, New Mexico.

People were desperate to get to the USA.  So much so that women who were in the last trimester of their pregnancy made the dangerous journey.  Some died on the way.  Most survived and then they did something that would virtually ensure that they would be taken care of the rest of their lives.

They delivered a baby while on US soil in a US hospital.  In 2014 that happened over 250 thousand times.  So many babies were born to illegals that they composed of 7% of all births in the USA that year.  Nearly one third of all babies born to immigrants that year belong to illegal mothers.

With our insane policy of if you are born here then you are automatically a citizen, these babies are eligible for all kinds of public/government assistance and it becomes more difficult to deport their mothers and other family members.

This is why they are called ANCHOR babies.  They anchor illegals in the USA where they can and do drain the various systems of resources.

Yes, this need to change.

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