Obama Charged Kenya Double On This Last Day Contract

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Obama Charged Kenya Double On This Last Day Contract

Obama left the White House after a flurry of Executive Orders, Pardons, Commutations and other acts via the various departments. This includes the Kerry State Department.

At first glance you would think that Obama was actually doing something noble for his “homeland” of Kenya. But a number of Legislators want more information on this contract approval that literally came down the last day of the Obama Presidency.

The problem is not that the State Department approved an arms sale, but the total price of the arm sale and who in the USA is going to fulfill that contract. That is why some in Congress want an investigation.

You will also note who is HURT by this contract. So you gotta ask who did Obama or Secretary Kerry owe a favor to? Obviously charging Kenya twice the amount of what they should have been charged is not a good thing. At least its not a good thing for Kenya.

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