This Is How Many Refugees Got Into US After Fed Judge Order

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This Is How Many Refugees Got Into US After Fed Judge Order

A Federal Judge did what many liberal judges at all levels of the judicial system have tried to do or have actually done.

Legislate from the bench.

The Constitution is clear that National Security is NOT the area of the Judiciary. Yet some Federal Judges have decided that the President doesn’t have the right, ability or duty to protect our borders and decide who can and cannot travel to and enter the USA.

This is how many people got into the USA that could at a future point in time, pose a significant threat and danger to peace loving citizens going about their daily lives.

“Of the total 2,576 refugees resettled in the U.S. from around the world since U.S. District Judge James Robart’s February 3 restraining order, 1,549 (60.1 percent) are from Syria (532), Iraq (472), Somalia (363), Iran (117), and Sudan (65). No refugees have arrived from the other two applicable countries, Yemen and Libya.”

President Trump has the responsibility to protect our nation, our borders and our people. So if there is another attack on American soil, then it would be the direct result of Judges over stepping their authority. Period.

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