DC On The Side Of Big Education Not The Side Of Parents And Children

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DC On The Side Of Big Education Not The Side Of Parents And Children

Washington, D.C. is looking at doing something that most people will think is a very good thing.  At least on the surface.

On the surface it does look like a good idea.  After all, who would be against making sure those who take care of our children on a daily basis, be highly educated and qualified?

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Ohio State Somali Refugee Student Follows ISIS Orders

Forget for a moment the typical Lamestream Media narrative about the recent terror attack on the Ohio State University campus was a gun or active shooter attack.  (For those who don’t know, CNN, Fox and CBS initially broke in with live coverage stating there was an active shooter and shelter in place order on the campus.  Even Sen Tim Kane tweeted about it being an active shooter attack.)

The important issue here is that the 18 year old student is a Somali Refugee and he is Muslim.  Sure he used a knife, but as we all know, a knife can kill.  First this terrorist tried to run down some people with his car and then he jumped out of his car with his knife and began attacking anyone he could reach.

At least 9 people were injured in the attack with a few of them seriously wounded.  He was stopped by a cop who obviously had a gun.  He used his gun to shoot the attacker dead.

This type of attack is what ISIS has told its world wide followers to do.  Attack the enemy, the infidel in the streets, in the ally ways, in buildings anywhere and do it with a knife.  The attackers are, of course, promised rewards in paradise if they do such attacks.

Yet President Obama continues to let these kinds of people into the USA, legally and as we now know, illegally via our open southern border.  This needs to stop or more innocent citizens in this country will be injured or killed.  They most certainly will be scarred for life.

And if Liberals think they can get away Scott Free, they should pay attention to at least three attacks on their favorite coffee house.  The gun free zone of Starbucks.  And ISIS promises more such Starbucks attacks will be coming.  Easy to do since Starbucks is famous for being anti gun and anti cop.  Gun free zones are on the soft target lists of terrorist and we can expect more such small attacks in the future.

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