OTRES: Can Republicans And Conservatives Make Inroads In 2018 In California?

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OTRES: Can Republicans And Conservatives Make Inroads In 2018 In California?

First of all, nobody is saying that Republicans can somehow begin taking back California in the 2018 mid term elections. However, with the current dissaray in that state and its continuing budget problems, illegal immigrant problems and infrastructure problems, there is an opportunity to same progress.

Understand that if the left is actually talking about this, then there is more than a reasonable chance that just such a thing is currently underway. Yes, even for the very left wing state of California.

“Donald Trump’s election provides an opening, Brulte said. California’s Democratic leadership is so focused on battling the new Trump administration that they are ignoring growing concerns at home, he said. The state’s roads, bridges and dams have fallen into disrepair, poverty is on the rise, middle-class families struggle to afford a decent home and massive pension liabilities still loom — all problems that have festered under the watch of Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democratic-controlled state Legislature, Brulte and other state Republican leaders said.”

So from the standpoint of some liberals in California, the writing is on the wall. Republicans, if they actually want to put some focus on this state, there could be some victories. And once you build roads based on victory, then its only a matter of time before the government flips back to where it was not too long ago.

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