OTRES: Google Launches New AI Tool To Help Find Hate Speech

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OTRES: Google Launches New AI Tool To Help Find Hate Speech

Google has launched it rendition of an Artificial Intelligence tool that claims to identify potential Hate Speech. The New York Times and a few other major publications are now utilizing this tool to identify what those publications would deem to be hateful speech in their comments sections.

The reality is, this is a major AI tool from a huge liberal supporter company, Google that is simply put in place to further clamp down on conservative speech.

Sure, some speech out there is hateful but in a land where we hold the tradition of free speech, it is ironic that companies that are charged with protecting that speech, news outlets, would sign up to limit the ability of people to converse and interact.

Ironic, but expected and typical of the left.

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Free Speech In Trouble By These Fascists All Over The USA

I have always said that when the left accuses the right of doing or being something evil or bad, its nothing more than a ruse to take attention of of themselves.

This is because they, on the left, are doing exactly or they are being exactly the way the accuse the right. This is no different.

But this is more proof that the left are the true Fascists and in many cases they can’t even see it.

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