Some Cities Are Trying To Do The Unthinkable

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Some Cities Are Trying To Do The Unthinkable

San Francisco is leading the charge over this.  And it has many on the right of the political isle fuming and many in the middle scratching their heads.

You see only, the left would ever come up with this idea…this scheme to steal elections from the American people.  And they are doing this just so they can retain their power.

San Francisco is like a few other “Sanctuary” cities that want to allow immigrants to vote.  Not citizens.  Not legal immigrants but ILLEGAL immigrants.

The dirty little secret is that the left knows that the vast majority of illegals can be fooled into voting liberal Democrat. And if you have a huge influx of new Democrats, it will wipe out any gains that the Republicans and the right have made.

It is a hole that the true and legal Citizens of this country will not be able to over come.

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Sanctuary City Illegal Immigrant Cost Americans A Lot Of Paper

We all know about the crimes that some illegals commit once they cross the border into the USA.  These crimes range from petty stuff like shop lifting to major crimes like murder and rape.  Well you can add arson to the list.

But this is not just any petty arson.  This is arson that affected a national treasure.  And it cost Americans a whopping $61 million.  Yes that is MILLION.


Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos had been deported five times in just the past four years, yet each time he has managed to sneak from Mexico back into the U.S., where he ended up in more mischief: driving without a license, attempted burglary and felony weapons charges.

In August, he graduated to full-fledged mayhem, sparking a fire in the Sequoia National Forest that has already cost the government $61 million and left some of the country’s most beautiful landscape scarred for years to come.

Notice this man was a “resident” of one of our so called Sanctuary Cities.  So frankly I believe that since this city harbored a known and convicted criminal, they should foot the bill.

Maybe if we start forcing these municipalities to pay for the damage they cause, they will come to their senses and eliminate their sanctuary status.

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Illegals Go Door To Door And You Wont Believe Why

They are illegal immigrants.  They are not hiding.  They are coming out of the shadows and they are spreading out into neighborhoods in some states.

They have no fear of being caught or being detained and deported at all.  In fact they are very confident that they will never be deported and they are actually doing something to help ensure that they never get deported.

Yes, this year, during the US National Elections, we have many people out their campaigning for the candidate of their choice.  This is also the case for illegal immigrants.  Even though they cannot legally vote for anyone in this years elections, they are still going out in force trying to convince people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Illegals are going door to door in neighborhoods across the USA promoting the get out and vote for Hillary Clinton campaign.  Yes, I said Illegal Immigrants.  They can’t legally vote but they can campaign.

They’re with her: Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary

And they could be in your neighborhood helping to subvert your local and state elections.

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