Millennials Have This Issue Which Hampers Jobs Search and Health

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Millennials Have This Issue Which Hampers Jobs Search and Health

We all know that those born between 1980 and 2000 are different.  They are the first generation that grew up without not know what its like not to have a VCR of DVD player in the house.  They are attached to their mobile and small electronic devices such as their smart phone and iPad’s.

Millennials are also more liberal than any generation previous to them.  They are even more liberal than many of their Baby Boom Generation parents.

But that is not what truly sets this group apart.  It would seem via numerous different studies with many different researchers, that the Millennials also are the dirtiest and they also will be the first generation that has a life expectancy shorter than the previous generation.

From shunning soap, to failing to properly groom facial hair to not putting on basic deodorant has marked this generation as lazy, dirty, privileged and needy.

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