Judge Reverses Law That Prevents Hollywood From Discriminating Against Itself

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Judge Reverses Law That Prevents Hollywood From Discriminating Against Itself

It looks like the Hollywood elites who preach to the world about tolerance and acceptance and non-discrimination cannot live up to their own lofty standards.

The overwhelming leftist entertainment industry head quartered in California needed a state law to prevent them from committing illegal acts on its fellow celebrities and stars.

Yes, age discrimination is rearing its ugly head in Hollywood. So much so that the state enacted a law they say was designed to prevent such discrimination. But a judge has said, hold on. Not so fast.

“Acting in a case brought by online movie information website IMDb, U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria ruled Wednesday that the California law likely violates the First Amendment and appears poorly tailored to proponents’ stated goal of preventing age discrimination in Hollywood”

The law seems to single out and target one major private company, IMDb. And all the law did was prevent IMDb from printing, posting or disseminating the birth dates and ages of celebrities.

And because it was targeted at one company it was unconstitutional. Not to mention other problems and issues with the law.

“The judge expressed deep skepticism that the law, which he said appeared to apply only to IMDb, would have any effect on discrimination.”

Of course the left say it was a bad ruling because this means Hollywood will continue to discriminate based on age and it will be the fault of one online publication, IMDb. Yea I’m not buying that crap either.

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