Joe Concannon Interview Conservative Running In NYC

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Joe Concannon Interview Conservative Running In NYC

Out of Queens, New York City, NY.  Joe Concannon is running as a Republican and Conservative in a city that has been known for its very liberal politics.  But Joe is not detered as he believes that the people of his district are far more conservative than what is being represented within city politics now. 

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NYC Just Put Citizens In Grave Danger When They Did This With Illegal Immigrant

Sanctuary Cities have been put on notice by the Trump Administration that their law breaking will not be tolerated. And indeed, there is no real reason or logic behind protecting those who break the law.

Of course all Illegal Immigrants are law breakers but in this particular case, what we have is a major city and its Mayor thumbing their noses up at the Federal Government and its immigration regulation department called ICE.

In this case, New York City has let go a criminal that was in jail and not for breaking immigration laws but for breaking other laws that could put citizens of NYC and elsewhere in danger. This particular person is also an admitted gang member of the notorious MS-13 international Latino gang.

This is a gang that has been connected to drugs, assault, robbery, murder and rape, just to name a few things, all over the North and South American continents. And the Mayor of NYC let this man go even after ICE asked for the city to hold him so they could come and pick him up.

Thankfully they found this dangerous criminal and he is now facing deportation.

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You Wont Believe Where There Was A Muslim Call To Prayer In The USA

The week end was not quiet in major cities around the nation. There were protests as usual from Coast to Coast. Most were protesting President Trump and his policies.

But you wont believe this protest. You wont believe where it was held.

New York City: Times Square. The iconic all American “street corner” was the host of a number of Muslims. Not only did they gather but they also issued a very loud Call To Prayer. They also praised Allah and as usual, made all non-Muslims feel racist and bigoted.

This should not happen in America.

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