Gay Trump Supporters Get Death Threats From The Left

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Gay Trump Supporters Get Death Threats From The Left

So lets say you are a Homosexual man.  Lets say you go to a political rally in your home state of Ohio.  Lets say that rally is not in support of Hillary Clinton, but instead for Donald Trump.  And lets say you get interviewed about your attendance at said rally.

What would you get?  Well, you would get over 250,000 view on youtube with over 900 comments.  And then you would get death threats for supporting someone whom the left has classified as a racist, bigot, homophobe.

Add to it that you are a gay man that supports the 2nd Amendment and that you actually carry a gun and you can see why the left loses their mind.

But we are reminded that Clinton has taken millions of dollars from people and governments around the world that actively seek out and kill gay men and Trump says he wants to stop that from happening.

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