The Recount Fix Is In And Clinton and Stein Are The Fixers

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The Recount Fix Is In And Clinton and Stein Are The Fixers

Make no mistake about it.  The Liberal Left thinks they have found a way to keep Donald Trump from taking the Oath of Office for the Presidency of the United States of America.

They now think the way to do it is to order a recount of the election results in three of the key states that gave Trump his electoral win.  The problem is that two of the states wont deliver what she wants and the third is actually not yet done counting the votes from the election.

And there is no doubt that the Clinton’s are behind this attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s win.  In fact the Democrats are out there campaigning for more and more cash using the recount as a hedge.  Not to mention Jill Stein has had issues with raising money during the regular campaign but somehow is able to pony up over $4 million in a few short days.

There is no doubt, these people do not respect our Constitution or the will of the people.  And Hillary Clinton is directly contradicting what she said and promised before the election date.  That she would respect the voice of the people and the outcome of the election.  As is typical, you cannot trust a Clinton and you cannot trust a Socialist or a Communist.

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Guess Who Is Nervous About Presidential Race

It would seem that there is a bunch of nervous Nellys running around D.C. and other parts of the country.  And those nervous people are not who you would think.

It seems that the Democrats are now running scared.  And I bet that they have internal polls that tell them the truth.  Much like the 1992 race, when the internal polls of George H W Bush and Bill Clinton pointed to the fact that Bush was in trouble and about to lose the election, this is happening within the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump camps.

You can see how they act in public.  Hillary is losing it.  She is sounding shrill.  The last time we heard Hillary sound this way was when she knew she was losing to Barack Obama.  I say the same thing is happening now only instead of Obama, she is losing to Trump.  Another man.

You can see Trump acting a lot more positive and confident.  Frankly, if you actually follow Trump, you know he is not the same arrogant man that was on TV and in interviews.  There is a more humble appearance about him yet he has the confidence of a winner.

That has the left of center politicos running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Democrats are getting anxious one week from Election Day, with the presidential race seeming to tighten in the wake of a shock FBI announcement.

An ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll sent waves through Democratic ranks on Tuesday morning, when it found GOP nominee Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clintonby a single percentage point among likely voters.

The poll also found that “strong enthusiasm” for Clinton had eroded by 7 points in recent days.

And so, you can expect more erratic behavior from the left and from Hillary from now until November 8.  And if she loses and on November 9, its President Elect Donald Trump, watch the left come unhinged.  Riots and Hillary and Obama will go off the chain crazy.

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You Wont Believe Who The Google Chairman Wanted To Campaign For

Google is an iconic American company.  Its an American success story.  You would think that simply how dominant Google has become and all the businesses that they own, they would be squarely in the conservative camp.

Well if that is what you think, you could not be more wrong.

You see, Google, like many big high tech companies started and grown in the last 30 years or so, seem to fall squarely in the liberal camp.  Hypocritical?  Yes it is.  But that doesn’t stop them from using their tremendous power and influence to get their message out there.

Google is no different.  The CEO of Google and Alphabet, the holding company that owns Google, wanted to be in “bed” with Hillary Clinton.

So much so that he wanted to be a go to guy outside the campaign.  That also means the Google head honcho used his mighty computer key strokes to change how Google interacts with you and me.  Just “Google” Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Climate Change, etc. and you will see what I mean.

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Bill Is Like A Dear In Headlights


It would seem that there are some in the Hillary Clinton Campagn that would actually like for the media and the rest to shut up about Donald Trump’s embarrassing and explicit sex talk tape.  

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