Why I Call Chuck Schumer The Evil Elf

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Why I Call Chuck Schumer The Evil Elf

In this rant, I tell you exactly why I call Sen Chuck Schumer of New York, The Evil Elf.  I give specific reasons that are logical and reasonable and they are not all based on his personal looks.

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OTRES: Rod Goes Off On Social Media Conspiracy Theorists Trolls

The Alt Social Media outlets are a boon for conspiracy theorists of all kinds and types.  Most are all about Government doing something to you and to me on a regular basis.

Or theses people believe the government is going over board in trying to trash, repeal and shred the Constitution.  OK, so they may be on to something in a few of their theories.

The vast majority, however, are just nut jobs trying to suck each of us into their personal nightmare.  No joke.  But when they start posting and chastising me on my own pages, well that gets my goat.  And I will tell you why.


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Battleship Rant

This is the famous rant that Rod delivered on his show just prior to the 2012 elections.  His passion, his love for the USA comes out loud and clear.  The logic and truth that he brings in this rant is what made it famous.  A number of hosts and shows have played clips, taken quotes, posted online about this.  Its short but powerful.

If you want to feel good about being an American, if you want to feel pride in America again, then you need to listen to this clip and then share it will anyone and everyone you know.  Yes, its that moving, that powerful.  Check out the clip here

Rod’s Wisdom Of Logic

Empathy is not doing for others. Empathy is understanding others and then teaching them to over come and do for themselves. Anything less is pure slavery.

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