The Recount Fix Is In And Clinton and Stein Are The Fixers

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The Recount Fix Is In And Clinton and Stein Are The Fixers

Make no mistake about it.  The Liberal Left thinks they have found a way to keep Donald Trump from taking the Oath of Office for the Presidency of the United States of America.

They now think the way to do it is to order a recount of the election results in three of the key states that gave Trump his electoral win.  The problem is that two of the states wont deliver what she wants and the third is actually not yet done counting the votes from the election.

And there is no doubt that the Clinton’s are behind this attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s win.  In fact the Democrats are out there campaigning for more and more cash using the recount as a hedge.  Not to mention Jill Stein has had issues with raising money during the regular campaign but somehow is able to pony up over $4 million in a few short days.

There is no doubt, these people do not respect our Constitution or the will of the people.  And Hillary Clinton is directly contradicting what she said and promised before the election date.  That she would respect the voice of the people and the outcome of the election.  As is typical, you cannot trust a Clinton and you cannot trust a Socialist or a Communist.

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