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Rev Rod Preaches About A Happy Day After Election

AUDIO CLIP: Rev Rod paid a visit to the Bunkerized Studio for this rousing sermon on how the Trump election victory is truly a Happy Day for America and all Americans.  Click and listen


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Podesta Emails Show How To Rig Polls and Election

We already know how bad the left wants to win by cheating.  Now we have proof with the release of numerous hacked emails.

The emails include how to commit voter fraud, to how to invade the opponents rally and cause violence, to how to manipulate polls so that the nation believes their candidate is winning even when they are not.

Democrats have been doing this sort of thing for decades.  Yet if you listen to them talk, you would think that voter cheating and manipulation was just in the heads of Republicans.  A typical right wing conspiracy.  The emails prove that we right wingers were and are right and we have been right all along.

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Gay Trump Supporters Get Death Threats From The Left

So lets say you are a Homosexual man.  Lets say you go to a political rally in your home state of Ohio.  Lets say that rally is not in support of Hillary Clinton, but instead for Donald Trump.  And lets say you get interviewed about your attendance at said rally.

What would you get?  Well, you would get over 250,000 view on youtube with over 900 comments.  And then you would get death threats for supporting someone whom the left has classified as a racist, bigot, homophobe.

Add to it that you are a gay man that supports the 2nd Amendment and that you actually carry a gun and you can see why the left loses their mind.

But we are reminded that Clinton has taken millions of dollars from people and governments around the world that actively seek out and kill gay men and Trump says he wants to stop that from happening.

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NY Gov Signs Law Against The Little Guy

If you are a little guy, then Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like you.  If you are a small business trying to make ends meet, then the NY Democratic Party doesn’t like you.

Gov Cuomo and the Democrats want to make sure you cannot make money off of what you own without their express permission.

Got an apartment you want to rent out and advertise it on AirBnB?  Nope, you can’t do it in the state of NY.  Have a nice car and want to earn extra or full time cash by giving folks a ride who want you to give them a ride?  Nope, can’t in NY State.

The Democrats have bent over backwards for Big Labor Unions and Big Business especially real estate, hotel, taxi and livery.

How do you feel about being told you can’t make money off of your hard earned assets?

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Lack of Sex is now an Emergency

According to an Austrian judge, it is OK to rape 10 year old boys if the rapist does not fully understand that the boy has said NO or is not clear in not wanting to be raped.

Yes, an Iraqi Migrant who is 20 years old was at a Vienna pool when he was suddenly overcome by his sexual desires because he had not had sex in over four months.  It was a sexual emergency.  His lawyer used this as a defense.

The poor boy, is said to still have nightmares over the incident.  This kid is permanently scarred and the perp gets to walk basically free.  So a Muslim male, rapes a male child aged 10 years and the Austrian court says its OK because the boy may have wanted to be raped.  And there is more.

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Battleship Rant

This is the famous rant that Rod delivered on his show just prior to the 2012 elections.  His passion, his love for the USA comes out loud and clear.  The logic and truth that he brings in this rant is what made it famous.  A number of hosts and shows have played clips, taken quotes, posted online about this.  Its short but powerful.

If you want to feel good about being an American, if you want to feel pride in America again, then you need to listen to this clip and then share it will anyone and everyone you know.  Yes, its that moving, that powerful.  Check out the clip here

Rod’s Wisdom Of Logic

Empathy is not doing for others. Empathy is understanding others and then teaching them to over come and do for themselves. Anything less is pure slavery.

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