NY Gov Signs Law Against The Little Guy

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NY Gov Signs Law Against The Little Guy

If you are a little guy, then Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like you.  If you are a small business trying to make ends meet, then the NY Democratic Party doesn’t like you.

Gov Cuomo and the Democrats want to make sure you cannot make money off of what you own without their express permission.

Got an apartment you want to rent out and advertise it on AirBnB?  Nope, you can’t do it in the state of NY.  Have a nice car and want to earn extra or full time cash by giving folks a ride who want you to give them a ride?  Nope, can’t in NY State.

The Democrats have bent over backwards for Big Labor Unions and Big Business especially real estate, hotel, taxi and livery.

How do you feel about being told you can’t make money off of your hard earned assets?

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