Six Hour Work Day Proves To Be Too Expensive Workers Revolt

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Six Hour Work Day Proves To Be Too Expensive Workers Revolt

Sweden tried something that most of us with a logical brain knew would fail for a number of reasons.  But the biggest reason we knew this experiment would fail is simply due to economics.  It was going to be a lot more expensive.

The six hour work day was touted as a boon in productivity and cost savings and it would make the worker happier.  The problem is that real world economics beats fake world theory every single day of the week.

When you only work 6 hours, someone else has to fill in for the other 2 hours.  The rest of the world will not stop because you quit at 3pm instead of 5pm.  And when you have to replace 8 hour round the clock shifts, well you have to add one whole new 6 hour shift.  So instead of three employees per position per day you need 4 employees per position per day.

The left never think that far ahead.  But the reality is, in Sweden they had to hire a lot more people than they first thought.  That meant all the liberal taxes and benefits to go along with those extra employees.  They realized the cost vs benefit did not make sense.

Of course the employees will try to revolt, but in the end, the bottom line will rule the day.

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