Illegals Go Door To Door And You Wont Believe Why

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Illegals Go Door To Door And You Wont Believe Why

They are illegal immigrants.  They are not hiding.  They are coming out of the shadows and they are spreading out into neighborhoods in some states.

They have no fear of being caught or being detained and deported at all.  In fact they are very confident that they will never be deported and they are actually doing something to help ensure that they never get deported.

Yes, this year, during the US National Elections, we have many people out their campaigning for the candidate of their choice.  This is also the case for illegal immigrants.  Even though they cannot legally vote for anyone in this years elections, they are still going out in force trying to convince people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Illegals are going door to door in neighborhoods across the USA promoting the get out and vote for Hillary Clinton campaign.  Yes, I said Illegal Immigrants.  They can’t legally vote but they can campaign.

They’re with her: Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary

And they could be in your neighborhood helping to subvert your local and state elections.

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Texas Voting Machine Caught Changing A Vote To Clinton

Did a voting machine in Texas get caught actually changing a vote to Hillary Clinton?  On the surface, in early voting states, it would appear that a number of people have claimed that just such a thing has happened.

In this case, a woman claims to have voted a straight line Republican ticket.  BUT, that when it came time to tally that vote, she said she noticed the machine changed her Trump vote to Clinton.

Residents of at least two cities in Texas are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their ballot to Hillary Clinton.

So the thing is, either the system is compromised or people are actually not paying attention to how they are voting.  Which means folks need to check, recheck and triple check their ballots before they cast and tally that vote.  Therefore they know for sure who they are voting for.

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Podesta Emails Show How To Rig Polls and Election

We already know how bad the left wants to win by cheating.  Now we have proof with the release of numerous hacked emails.

The emails include how to commit voter fraud, to how to invade the opponents rally and cause violence, to how to manipulate polls so that the nation believes their candidate is winning even when they are not.

Democrats have been doing this sort of thing for decades.  Yet if you listen to them talk, you would think that voter cheating and manipulation was just in the heads of Republicans.  A typical right wing conspiracy.  The emails prove that we right wingers were and are right and we have been right all along.

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The Fix Is On

This poll indicates that over 40% of Americans believe and feel in their gut, that this election will be stolen away from Donald J Trump.   Read more…

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