Tax Day USA How To Avoid The Wrath Of The IRS

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Tax Day USA How To Avoid The Wrath Of The IRS

If you are an American, a legal resident and you are moderate or conservative in your political beliefs, then you know all to well how frightening the IRS can be and often is.

It is not a secret that politics plays a huge roll in tax collections and the IRS is that agent of politicians to get at their political enemies.  We have seen the proof of this time and time again.  It became so bad during the Obama years that Congress launched investigations into the practice of the IRS hounding and hammering Conservatives and Conservative groups.

In this excerpt from the radio show, I tell you what is happening, why its happening and a shocking way for you to lessen your view in the eyes of the IRS and the leftist that still populate the agency.

Of course, you won’t want to spread this idea around or the IRS may get wind of it and the idea wont work.  Of course this solution is part in jest but history has proven those who toe the line, have little to fear from the IRS.


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