Tax Reform Is Hard For The Establishment To Swallow

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Tax Reform Is Hard For The Establishment To Swallow

Speaker Ryan is at the front of the line for fault when it comes to Obamacare Repeal failure.  And now he tells us that Tax Reform is going to harder and take longer than that failed attempt.

The reality is that Ryan, like many RINO Republican Insiders, does not really want the kind of tax reform that President Trump has put forth.  

I have often said that “Blue Blood Republicans” like big government like Liberal Democrats do.  The only difference is, these kinds of Republicans want to design big government for themselves and be in charge of it.

The tax code is a huge part of big government.  President Trump wants to simplify the tax code, reduce the huge tax burden on individuals and business and thus reduce the size of government and that is something big government advocates do not want.  That includes Speaker Ryan.


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