The Fix Is On

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The Fix Is On

This poll indicates that over 40% of Americans believe and feel in their gut, that this election will be stolen away from Donald J Trump.   Read more…

Can you blame them for feeling this way?  Especially since there are active investigations of voter fraud in at least 10 states.  We also know that people have gone to jail over voter fraud from the 2008 and 2012 elections.

The funny thing is, this is so obvious.  The authorities have proof positive that illegal immigrants and dead people have voted.  Yes dead people.  Oh and for those that do not understand what that means, it means that the people in question were dead and buried at the time they cast their ballot.

We also know that President Obama has cut the number of deportations of caught illegals in half.  So that other half that should have been deported?  Well most of them are still roaming our streets, free to walk into a polling place on November 8 and cast their illegal vote since some states don’t allow for voter ID.

By the way, if this poll suggest only 41%, then you know the actual number is much higher than that.

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