Thousands Show Up For Trump

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Thousands Show Up For Trump

Donald Trump continues his mind blowing rally attendance in Florida.  Thousands are expected to show up for his rally at a Florida air port.

Trump supporters arrived in Sanford very early Tuesday, more than 12 hours before the rally, which is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. at Million Air Orlando. Several slept in their cars in the parking lot of the airport, hoping to get a good spot to see Trump later in the day. 

This comes at the same time when Tim Kaine, the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, barely got 30 folks to show up at a rally elsewhere in Florida.

Florida has been called a “Must Win” state for both campaigns.  Indeed, the winner of Florida may go on to win the White House.

Question is, if the rate, size of rallies are any indication of the excitement and likely voter turn out, would not Trump trounce Clinton?  One would think so unless Clinton cheats.  Hey, Bernie Sanders has similar rally sizes and excitement but Clinton still won the nomination.  However, we now know that the Democrat party cheated and made sure Clinton would win.  Can they pull of the ultimate prize?

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